S pringbrooke Retreat and Conference Centre is located 45 minutes out of Vancouver on a beautiful 16 acre Fraser Valley property nestled in a grove of cedars on the banks of the Salmon River, in beautiful Langley, BC.

O ur property radiates tranquility and heart, and has been an honoured and sacred place for many groups, for centuries. In years long past, First Nations elders gathered for ceremony on our river bank, while today, we host many organizations committed to personal growth, spirituality and the wellbeing of the world. Our centre is a home away from home for many and we hope you find it the same for you.

W e have tailored our facility to host smaller corporate and private residential workshops and seminars for 20-40 people in shared accommodation.

W e welcome personal growth, health, wellness or spiritually based seminars, as well as those who appreciate an atmosphere conducive to reflection and meditation.

O ur grounds offer a perfect sanctuary, as we have an uninterrupted wooded area with trails, an orchard, a river, and various types of animals and birds for wildlife and bird watching enthusiasts to enjoy. We also have a tennis court, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and beautiful outdoor showers overlooking the river.

Welcome to Springbrooke Retreat and Conference Centre, Vancouver's best kept secret.